Performer for a dance piece in a classroom by Alfredo Zinola

Note of intention from Alfredo Zinola:
“Other World” invites you to dive into the depths of a classroom. In everyday school life, a classroom is a practically arranged place. All the things, bags, desks, pens, and books are used “zick-zack”: quickly and with a precise function. What would it be like if we paused for a moment and watched things closely – all the things in the room that we are so familiar with?

It might be the chance to see things under a different light, noticing what happens in a classroom when kids are out of school. To do this we first have to stop, distance ourselves, sit on the edge of the room and observe from a different perspective. Just in that very moment we might be able to notice the traces of the campfire that the chairs organized last night…

“Other World” is a dance performance specifically conceived to take place in a classroom, an aesthetic experience for elementary school children that will change their perspective of the familiar surroundings.

Alfredo Zinola
Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky and Alfredo Zinola
Antonio d. Luca
Marek Lamprecht
Creative producer
Micaela Kühn Jara

A production of Alfredo Zinola with tanzhaus nrw and Stamsund Teaterfestival Norway.

October, 27th 2020 - Christophorus Schule Düsseldorf
June, 28th-30th 2021 - Grundschule Guldeinstr. München - Think Big! Festival
September, 23rd-24th 2021 - Grundschule Farnweg, Düsseldorf

Some pictures taken while in the creation process