© William Sánchez H.

I have started to get involved in the conception and leading of workshop with SZENE 2WEI in 2018, in the frame of the production WANDERLUST?. 
The idea of the company is to propose workshops related to the dance productions, where interested people have the possibility to share a time dancing and experimenting together, getting in closer contact with the way of working of the company.
The aim of the workshop is to be open for everybody interested, with or without dance experience, and to make an encounter between different people possible.

We have developed the workshop structures in inclusive teams, and so are we leading the workshops. 

Workshopteam WANDERLUST?

Jörg Beese, Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, Mukdanin Phongpachith and the close support of Timo Gmeiner, pedagogical director of SZENE 2WEI. 

Workshopsteam NO NAME* DAS MUXICAL
Jörg Beese, Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, with the support of Timo Gmeiner.

© Timo Gmeiner

© Simon Wachter

 4 Photos: © Fuuko Shimazaki