Was ich mit dem Tanzen bis jetzt gelernt habe

Solo Performance - Dancer and Choreographer

English title
What I have learnt from dancing so far

This is a solo piece that wanders through every year of my life until now. With the perception of today, I look back on what the earlier practice of dance, studying and professional dancing on stage has taught me so far.
It is also a reflection on how dancing has shaped my life and how the experiences of my life influenced my dancing. I see it as well as a dedication to the passing of time.

The 1st version of the solo “siebenundzwanzig: was ich mit dem Tanzen bis jetzt gelernt habe” got the Jury Price in the frame of the solo contest “das beste deutsche tanzsolo” 2019  during euro-scene festival in Leipzig.

Conception, text and performance
Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky
Inspired by
my life and the book Hundert: Was du im Leben lernen wirst by Heike Faller and Valerio Vidali
Light Design
Clément Debras
Artistic and text advisor
Daniel Salzmann
Created in
my bedroom
Première (5min version)
Festival euro-scene Leipzig – 14. Wettbewerb “das beste deutsche tanzsolo” 2019
8th November 2019 – Schauspiel Leipzig

Special thanks to William Sànchez H., Francis Viet, Urs Dietrich, Susanne Linke.

Tour (10min version)
July, 3rd 2021 - Tanzfest - E-Werk Freiburg
August, 2nd - Open Stage: Who’s next - Tanzwerkstatt Europa - Muffathalle München
Nov, 10th 2021 – Lange Nacht Special – Tollhaus, Karlsruhe

The development of the solo in 2021 was supported over a grant from the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg